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Your session

While most  clients choose to be photographed in the studio, sessions may also take  place on location at your home, at a park, in a field, downtown or wherever you choose.  Prior to your session we will schedule a  portrait-planning consultation to discuss who will be photographed, clothing options, and the details of your session.  We will also talk  about your goals:  Are you looking for something for your wall?  Do you  prefer a collection of images in an album?  Having a goal in advance of  the session itself gives us a direction in how we photograph. 


 Portrait pricing will be discussed during your consultation.  Most clients budget $1500 for their portrait collections.   

The Studio

Our brand new Minneapolis studio offers gorgeous window light and a comfortable environment for your session. Located at Loring Corners, next door to Loring Park and the Basilica of St. Mary, we are centrally located for the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area without going downtown.

1624 Harmon Place Suite 225, Minneapolis, MN

Parking on the Loring Park side of the building will bring you into the "1624" door and up 30 steps to the second floor.  Follow the signs inside to suite 225.

Parking on the Hennepin Avenue side of the building will bring you into the "Fawkes" door and to the elevator (or up the stairs).  Take the elevator to the second floor, then find suite 225 just around the corner to the right.

About the portrait artist


I've  always been a dog lover. From Charlie the Lhasa Apso my family had when  I was a child or Chewy the golden I unsuccessfully tried to raise in my  college dorm, dogs have always held something special for me. I don't  think I fully appreciated this however, until 2001 when my husband and I  adopted a greyhound from a local rescue in Connecticut. His name was  Jersey and he was a gentle soul who willingly put up with all of our  crazy photo shoots. He was a best friend and my muse. For a  photographer, having access to such a beautiful creature was a godsend  and gave rise to many impromptu sessions featuring Jersey: dog  supermodel. It was from those early experiences in the studio that I  realized the power of an image to illustrate the true soul of a dog - to  show it not as a pet, or a possession, but with all the depth and  clarity that comes from living together with a dog in a shared world. A  great portrait is the image the owners hold in their minds when they  think of their dog.  An image can be a powerful thing, even after all  these years since Jersey passed away - it only takes seeing his face in a  portrait and that soul connection comes back. That's the face of my  friend, who I love and miss. I thank God that I have those images. It  doesn't replace him but it does remind me of the sweetness of life with a  dog. And I love bringing the same emotion to my clients.

 Dogs and  humans are meant to be together. We've evolved together over the past  millennia and, in my opinion, are never as good apart as we can be  together. When we adopted Jersey, I became aware of the needs of shelter  dogs. I never knew so many greyhounds never made it past their last  race on the track. Or so many great pets were stuck in shelters. I  realized that every dollar raised helps find a pet a home and every pet  that finds a family helps to change the world. If you know me, you know  I'm a bit of a Do-er! So I did what I always do: I got involved. I  volunteered at meet and greets, educated everyone I met about the gentle  greyhound and the large number of pets of all breeds needing good  homes. I started donating my time taking portraits of adoptable dogs to  help them find forever homes. I joined with several rescues to fundraise  through pet calendars. I was creating pet portraits but also being a  Jack-of-All-Trades Photographer: seniors, families, weddings, pets,  engagements. I did it all and had a good time! I've taken photos of  everything from a Christmas ham to publicity shots for politicians. It  wasn't until I moved to Minnesota in 2011, however, that I decided to  focus my energy on pet portraits. There's something about starting over  in every aspect of my life that I think gave me the freedom to take a risk and specialize with pets.

In addition to pets, I have added a new line of fine-art portraiture I love:  The Masterworks Portrait.  These unique portraits resemble the style I gravitate to when I visit a museum.  I love styling and creating these one-of-a-kind, special portraits for the kids just finding their way in this world.  The confidence they gain through the experience is so important at this age.  My goal is to help them grow into strong teens.


Tangerine  House of Design produces custom fine-art portraits.  We believe that  portraiture is an art form created through the careful application of  light, setting and subject. We provide quality portrait services for  your 4-legged (and 2-legged) family members.  We look forward to  creating a great portrait for you.

Artist Credentials

Tangerine House of Design owner and  photographer Lisa Asp has been creating photographic art since 1995. Her  work has been included in the Professional Photographers of America Loan Collection books and the Showcase Collection books a number of times. Additionally, she has been published numerous times in local newspapers and magazines.  She has appeared on television and been heard on the radio discussing her work. Lisa earned the title of Certified Professional Photographer  in 2010 after passing a lengthy written exam and image review.  Additionally, she earned her Master Photographer degree in 2014 in  recognition of her superior photographic competence demonstrated through  photographic competition, advanced education and service to the  profession; her Photographic Craftsman degree in 2015 - one of the  highest recognitions for speaking, writing and/or mentoring in  professional photography; and her Master Artist degree in 2019 in  recognition of her superior photographic enhancement of images with  artistic techniques.  Fewer than 1% of all professional photographers  hold these multiple honors.

Lisa has contributed thousands of  dollars to charity fundraisers by donating her photography services  though silent auctions. These charities have included schools, museums,  galleries, and pet organizations. Additionally, she has hosted  fundraisers in her studio through her annual "Pin-Up Pets" event  benefitting Homeward Bound Rescue, Save-A-Bull Rescue, Twin Cities Pet  Rescue, Greyhound Pets of MN, Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption, and MN  Greyhound Rescue.  She has also hosted fundraiser for Free Arts  Minnesota, CT Humane Society, We Adopt Greyhounds, and Our Companions.   Lisa believes in active involvement in her community and giving back  when possible. She has taken active roles in:

  • Animal Image Makers (Founder, 2018+)    
  • Twin Cities Professional Photographer's Association (Board Member/President, 2013-2018)
  •  PPA Councilor (2016-+)
  • Humanitarian Services for Children Of Vietnam (Board Member,  Information Services Manager and Fundraising Committee, 2012-2014)
  • West Hartford Dog Park Association (Board Member and Webmaster, 2008-2011)


 In 2012, Lisa began working with  other professional photographers in a mentorship and teaching role. She  has spoken several times to professional photographic associations in an  effort to increase the knowledge and expertise found in the photography  industry.   Lisa has spoken/is scheduled to speak for the following organizations:

  • Imaging USA
  • Montana PPA
  • Fox Valley PPA
  • Northern Illinois PPA
  • Maryland PPA
  • Professional Photographers of Iowa
  • Carolina Photo Expo
  • Arizona PPA
  • NW Iowa PPA
  • Minnesota PPA (2 times)
  • Southern Minnesota PPA
  • PPA of Rhode Island
  • PP of East Tennessee
  • Chattanooga PPG
  • PP of Middle Tennessee
  • Memphis PPG
  • PP of Southern Ohio
  • South Dakota PPA
  • North Dakota PPA
  • PPA - Super One Day